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Millionaire DJ: FL Studio 12 – Pro Music Production Course

“I know Music Producers make Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars selling beats and songs to other artists, composing music for games and movies, and from record sales, but they must be wizards or something or went to an expensive college to learn.” “I want to be the next big music producer, but I’ve never played an instrument. […]

Music Production Theory, Engineering: Logic Pro X, FL Studio

The term ‘music producer’ means different things to different people. Some are musicians, some are engineers, some are remixers and this is why music production is unique and versatile, but if you miss the opportunity to learn how this beautiful industry works, you can’t understand it and grow your career. What if you could change […]

How To Clean Up Audio Files Effectively & Quickly in Minutes

Description Online Instructors Newbies:  Learn this Awesome Audio Editing SKILL to create high quality videos online! When I was creating this course for my students who are starting out to teach online, it reminds me of a classic picture of a grandmother passing on her cooking skills to her grandchildren – something that the kids cannot learn from books or TV […]

GarageBand Masterclass: Learn GarageBand Today

Description GarageBand Masterclass Do you want to create awesome music for your band, killer audio for your videos or courses, and professional quality voice overs? Have you ever tried recording and producing your own audio projects to find it difficult and time consuming? What this course is about: This GarageBand Masterclass is aimed to help you understand […]

Ultimate Beginner Guitar Masterclass

Description Welcome to this beginner guitar masterclass! This course is going to take you from ZERO to HERO in a very short amount of time. My name is Henry Olsen and I´ve been teaching guitar professionally for 5 years. I have 14 published Udemy courses and an average rating of 4.6! For this course I took […]

Ultimate Beginner Electric Guitar Masterclass (2018 Update)

Description Hello and welcome to “Ultimate Beginner Rock Guitar Masterclass”!!! Are you tired of going through YouTube only to find a bunch of unrelated videos? Or you watch the lesson but NO TABS are included so you don´t know how to implement what you learned? Maybe you´re just looking for a step-by-step program you can […]

Create Dj Snake Style Track Music Production in Logic Pro X

You can enroll this course without owning Logic Pro X since these instructions can be replicated in other DAWs. You should own a Mac computer with macOS and Logic Pro X installed. You should be interested in how to make great Electronic Music. You can produce this track with another DAW such as Ableton Live […]

Game Music Composition: Make Music For Games From Scratch

Mac or PC capable of running FL Studio 12 or any other Digital Audio Workstation MIDI keyboard is OPTIONAL Description The world’s first comprehensive online course on Video Game Music Composing that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. Be one of the first to study the complex and often forgotten art of game music composition. This is the […]

Adobe Audition CC: The Beginner’s Guide to Adobe Audition

You should have Adobe Audition installed on your computer (Mac or PC is fine). We’ll be using the CC version of Audition, and we recommend that one to easily follow along with. No prior experience in audio production or editing is required. Description Make your audio sound amazing with Adobe Audition CC! If you are looking for […]

Play YOUR Favorite Songs: The Guitar Super-Course (2018)

A guitar – acoustic, electric or classical. A love for music, and especially for songs with guitars! If you want to play classical Mozart pieces, this course isn’t for you. But if you want to play your favorite songs on the guitar, it’s exactly for you. The course is either for complete beginners or for […]